Our Mission

Advanced Hormone Replacement was established with the goal of changing patients’ lives through safe and effective hormone replacement therapy. We believe the benefits of hormone replacement can be fantastic and life-altering for body and mind. We individualize therapy and recommend only the best and safest treatments available. We aim to achieve the most desirable possible results while also safeguarding our patients with close health monitoring.

Advanced Hormone Replacement. Renew your health

Our Staff

Dr. Reid

Dr. Reid earned a BA in Human Biology from Brown University and an MD from Jefferson Medical College. Subsequently, he completed an emergency medicine residency at Harbor UCLA. Dr. Reid is a board certified diplomate of the American Board of Emergency Medicine. He currently practices emergency medicine at a large volume ER in the Los Angeles area.

In 15 years of emergency medicine practice, Dr. Reid has evaluated thousands of patients with preventable medical emergencies. He witnesses firsthand the punishing results of the aging process. He sees metabolic syndrome lead to obesity and diabetes. He treats critical patients with strokes and heart attacks that are direct results of those issues.

Now, Dr. Reid is treating patients at Advanced Hormone Replacement. He aims to prevent those devastating medical emergencies by correcting hormone deficiencies and reversing metabolic syndrome. In addition, he intends to improve his patients’ quality of life by helping them feel young, look great, and stay active.

Devin Stone, HHP, AMP

Devin Stone is Chief Specialist at Advanced Hormone Replacement (AHR) with expertise in the field of regenerative medicine. As a graduate of the University of California – Riverside, Devin holds a B.S. in Medical Biology. During his stay at the University, he concentrated his studies and research in cellular medicine and genomics.

After UC Riverside, Devin Completed a Masters Level Certificate program in Regenerative Medicine at the Universiteit Utrecht, in the Netherlands. Devin has also obtained numerous alternative medicine certifications including the following:

  • Board Certified Drugless Practitioner
  • Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
  • Board Certified Alternative Medicine Practitioner
  • Child Nutrition Certification from Stanford University
  • Cancer Biology Certificate from John Hopkins University

Devin is also Director of Operations and CEO of MetroMD with head physician, Alexis Martin, MD. MetroMD has been a leader in the field of Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine since 2009.