Are your knees sore after playing basketball? Do your joints hurt after lifting weights? Is your energy and vitality diminishing?

Aging is a natural process that can be controlled.

At Advanced Hormone Replacement, we offer a variety of treatments to help you maintain your optimal health and physical condition. For a complete list of benefits, click HERE.

Our trusted and experienced doctors use only up-to-date and trusted treatments, so you can be confident in seeing effective results. We offer an array of treatments to help control the symptoms of aging, including HGH therapy and Low Testosterone therapy.

At Advanced Hormone Clinic, we offer the following treatments for men:

Program Overview

Patients of Advanced Hormone Replacement have achieved fantastic results.

What you can expect at AHR:

  • A complimentary consultation with an AHR doctor
  • Complete blood analysis
  • Monthly shipments of prescriptions and supplements
  • Ongoing monitoring of your health
  • Unlimited consultations with your AHR doctor

Advanced Hormone Replacement is conveniently in the heart of Hermosa Beach.