Pop Culture and HGH

Suzanne Somers. Sylvester Stallone. Mark Cuban. Peter Thiel. What do all of these people have in common? They are advocates for human growth hormone. This often-misunderstood therapy is gaining ground in Hollywood, Pop Culture, and all across the nation. If you want to learn more about human growth hormone in Torrance, and how your favorite celebrities are using HGH, read on!

Human Growth Hormone in Torrance Helps You Feel Young Again
The biggest reason that celebrities are flocking to HGH is the way that this hormone replacement therapy helps you feel like your younger self again. The many benefits of this therapy include:

  • Decrease body fat
  • Increase muscle mass
  • Stronger bones
  • Higher libido
  • More energy
  • Fewer wrinkles
  • Less cellulite

Tech entrepreneur Peter Thiel is using HGH to lengthen his life-span beyond what would be considered a long life. The noted venture capitalist and libertarian has said he plans to live to 120. In addition to HGH therapy, Thiel follows a strict paleo diet, which consists of not eating anything that wasn’t around during Paleolithic times. He does allow for red wine.

NBA team owner Mark Cuban is interested in HGH as a way to help athletes recover from injury. The Mark Cuban Foundation has endowed the University of Michigan for an array of studies on human growth hormone. The first question they are addressing: Can HGH help athletes recover stronger and quicker from debilitating ACL surgery? A high percentage of athletes who suffer an ACL injury never return to professional athletics, or are never quite the same. Owners invest a staggering sum of money on players’ contracts. Given the high visibility of Mark Cuban, we wonder when other owners and the general public also begin to acknowledge the fantastic benefits of HGH.

For more on this study, click Click here – AHR Blog – Mark Cuban, The University of Michigan, and a Clinical Trial on HGH and ACL Surgery and Recovery.

Suzanne Somers has been a vocal advocate for HGH for years. The famed ‘Three’s Company’ actress has never been shy about divulging in her private life while pursuing her passion for health and wellness.

From her Facebook page:

Human Growth Hormone “HGH” continues to be a hot-button with an incredible amount of misinformation put out in mainstream media. Recently on Anderson Cooper’s show, Dr. Thomas Perls asserted that I got cancer due to taking HGH, when in fact I started taking it seven years after my cancer diagnosis. I think it’s important to counter these attacks with information from experts on bioidentical hormones. This will give you an entirely different perspective on the risk/reward of HGH protocols. Frankly, I consider it one of the most important elements in my full complement of bioidentical hormones. Again, my levels are based on my blood work and I would never abuse the amounts, like some athletes have done. I take just what has been lost in the aging process to keep my system running optimally and protect against the diseases of aging.

Ron Rothenberg MD, an authority on anti-aging, preventive and regenerative medicine discussed growth hormone in detail in my book Ageless and he has updated the information recently.

“Growth Hormone is one of the most studies compounds in medicine. When growth hormone deficiency is present, growth hormone replacement therapy has widespread health benefits on quality of life, body composition, cognitive function, cardiovascular outcomes, bone density and exercise capacity. Growth hormone replacement therapy has been studied with published results in major medical journals reporting on more than 100,000 patients. All reports conclude that there is no increase in cancer risks either new cancers or recurrent cancers in patients with prior cancer. There can be minor side effects of numbness in the extremities or achy joints or swelling but these can be reversed with decreasing the dose or stopping therapy. Blood sugar can potentially become elevated if no lifestyle measures such as diet and exercise are included but with these lifestyle measures blood sugar and diabetes can actually improve.”

Risks of Human Growth Hormone
When discussing how celebrities are using HGH, many people have heard that there is a chance that HGH could increase the risk of certain cancers. The studies behind this claim are inconclusive right now, and to entrepreneur Peter Thiel, the risk is worth the reward. He has stated that he believes we will soon have a cure for cancer, and so using HGH to live longer will only mean that, if he does develop cancer, he’ll be around to be cured by our latest science.

This line of thinking seems to be mirrored by many other celebrities, who state that using HGH – an amino acid replacement – has offered them a better quality of life than any other therapy they’ve tried.

Custom Hormone Replacement Therapy for the Best Results
At Advanced Hormone Replacement, we want to help you renew your health. We create custom treatment plans for all our patients to ensure that they get the results that they want from this unique therapy, just like the Hollywood stars. Contact us to learn more about human growth hormone in Torrance by calling 833-DOCS-AHR.