HGH, or human growth hormone, has proven essential in battling the signs of aging. It also plays a crucial role in improving muscle mass and decreasing body fat, as well as improving energy levels. However, new evidence points out that using HGH pre-operation and during recovery can have profound benefits for virtually all patients. What are the benefits here?

Wound Healing

One of the most impressive benefits of using HGH is improved wound healing. HGH has actually been used in clinical settings for this purpose as far back as the 1960s, but it is gaining increasing adoption today. Many hospitals are beginning to use HGH as part of their treatment regimen for surgical patients to help aid the healing process.

Bone Knitting

An interesting clinical study published in the European Journal of Endocrinology followed the use of HGH in treating patients with tibial fractures and found that it actually greatly reduced the healing time for broken bones, meaning that HGH offers benefits for more than just skin wounds. In the study, patients given HGH healed in just 90 days, compared to the 120 days it took patients who were given a placebo. This represents a 26% decrease in the time necessary for healing.

Spine Healing

Spinal injuries are among the most serious. They not only cause pain and suffering but can jeopardize a patient’s quality of life and their mobility. However, HGH shows significant promise in treating spinal injuries. Another study published by the European Society of Endocrinology found that HGH deficiency made patients more susceptible to spinal injuries, but also that using HGH to treat those patients resulted in significantly reduced healing time for injuries. The study found that HGH and physical therapy for six months offered significantly improved sensory function in patients with spinal injuries.

Soft Tissue Damage

An anterior crucial ligament (ACL) tear is a significant blow to any athlete. ACL tears occur in professional sports players, runners, Olympians, and more. They’re not only common but very difficult to recover from. In fact, most patients who experience an ACL tear will ultimately go through surgery and months of recovery, only to find that they are unable to perform at their previous level ever again. HGH shows promise in reversing this problem.

A team of researchers at the University of Michigan studied the results of using HGH with patients who had suffered an ACL tear and found that patients experienced shorter healing times, but also found that those patients lost less muscle mass and retained more strength than patients who did not receive HGH.

Human growth hormone offers significant health advantages. It might be more synonymous with athletic performance improvements and the ability to fight the signs of aging, but there is no denying that HGH used pre-operation and during recovery can have profound effects, improving treatment outcomes and reducing the time needed for a full recovery. Interested in learning more? Contact Advanced Hormone Replacement today at 833-478-3627.